Students – Code of Conduct

  • For all students to be aware of the KDCo Anti Bullying, Student Wellbeing and Code of Conduct Policy as set out by the dance school
  • To abide by the KDCo teacher guidelines and expectations at all times including listening without interruption and to not be disruptive during class time
  • To act in a manner that is respectful and courteous to all
  • Treat others how you would like to be treated
  • To not deliberately exclude other students during class teaching times
  • To not ridicule or snigger at another students dancing skills or other
  • Be helpful and generous by supporting other student learning
  • To not bully, harass or intimidate any other student
  • To not post messages on Face Book, Twitter, E-mail, You Tube or other associated social media of a derogative nature in regards to any student, teacher or dancing discipline
  • Never threaten by way of physical violence another student or teacher


Please note:

Knowledge and understanding will vary in accordance to age range and maturity of each individual student. It is therefore recommended that all parents discuss the code of conduct with their children/family to ensure the best possible understanding and knowledge of behavioural expectations in compliance with the policy as set out in the document.