Parent – Code of Conduct

  • For all parents to be aware of the KDCo Anti Bullying, Student Wellbeing and Code of Conduct Policy as set out by the dance school
  • For all parents to uphold decisions and recommendations as directed by the Dance Director
  • For parents to support students understanding and compliance of the policy as outlined
  • To support the dance curriculum as implemented by the teachers including student differences pertaining to skill level
  • For parents to support students to comply with teacher and class time expectations as set out by the teacher
  • To act in a manner that is respectful and courteous to all
  • Treat others how you would like to be treated
  • For parents to be a role model for all students and parents alike
  • To not post messages on FaceBook, Twitter, E-mail, You Tube or other associated social media of a derogative nature in regards to any student or dancing discipline