Code of Conduct


Anti Bullying, Student Wellbeing and Code of Conduct Policy:

Kapunda Dance Company (KDCo) will always aim to uphold the values and integrity of the school ensuring the best possible opportunity for students to learn the art of dance. Classes are taught by a professionally trained and accredited teacher who operates within the Australian Code of Ethics for Dance Teachers and includes multiple dance styles taught through expert tuition including concert and stage performance experience. The school aims to provide a warm and friendly environment for all students, teachers and parents.

South Australian laws regarding discrimination, bullying and harassment include community clubs and schools including staff, volunteers and participants. KDCo is committed to ensuring that we operate a school that is free of bullying and harassment of any description adopting a ‘zero tolerance’ policy that provides a platform to support the rights of all school attendees. KDCo has developed a Code of Conduct to ensure that all students, teachers, parents and visitors to the school are treated respectfully and without discrimination. The code is a set of key guidelines for which every school participant is expected to comply and uphold with a specific focus on students, teachers and parents.

KDCo recognises the vulnerability of its students in terms of age ranges and therefore aims to be proactive in providing a safe and secure school environment. Bullying, harassment and intimidation is a serious offence which impacts upon a person’s self esteem and can cause other associated issues. It is our belief that collectively the KDCo school community can work toward reducing the potential of bullying and harassment including all other inappropriate behaviours through clear communication strategies coupled with a code of conduct guide.

KDCo welcomes all students, teachers and parents to make contact should a problem arise with all information to be treated as strictly confidential.

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